Frequently Asked Questions

The Guest Guidelines PDF embedded below can be downloaded to share with your group by clicking on the download button on the toolbar at the top or bottom of the document.

Please note that while we DO allow the responsible use of alcohol (see #30 below), WE ARE NOT A PARTY VENUE for high school graduation or after prom parties or for any group whose sole purpose is to find a secluded place to party. If after one night it is clear that your group is simply here to drink heavily and party, you will be asked to leave and NO REFUND will be made.

All groups with unrelated guests under age 21 must have at least two unrelated adults (21+) who will be present at all times and who will sign an agreement stating that no alcohol will be consumed by anyone under 21 on or off our property during the rental dates and who will assume legal responsibility for any underage drinking and for supplying alcohol to minors, etc. (For coed groups, the unrelated legally responsible adults must include at least one male and one female.)

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