I Can Still Remember

Rebekah Jewel (Ashburn) Coval – Camp Poem

Something I wrote a few years ago:

With fullness of heart
I hear children outside–
morning bell resounds
and the stragglers stumble down.
The hillside always ready to
carry feet softly and
I’m found
waiting for sunrise.
I’d roll over, rub my eyes,
peek through the blue-patched sky–
lips curled, I’d watch the world.
The safe haven of summer’s space
always arrived just in time.

I can still remember
the touch of each hand,
the grass, the water, the land.
I walk backwards and stand
remembering a smile
that spanned far and wide,
‘cross the cabins and woods
and campfire.
The breeze, pure breath I’d breathe
by the broken bridge near the creek.
Stones trained my bare feet
for country life,
wild and free from
city’s care–
shoes always tightly fastened there,
shirts buttoned up just right,
and buildings battle stars for light.

But summer comes and goes.
Always has, I’m told.
And when my heart has
nowhere else to go,
it travels back–
half mile down,
past the rocky road.
You’ll find a smile,
free and bold.
You’ll find me safe,
unafraid and unalone–
surrounded by everything
that breathes life
into everything that’s cold.
in my heavenly home.

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